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Assignment 2: application critique on 'snap and eat'

This is an application critique on ‘Snap and Eat’. ‘Snap and Eat’ is an app for a one-time event which encourages people to buy healthy food and win prizes. After the event ended, the app remained not updated and had a lot of issues. I will pick three important points from the presentation for summary. Firstly, the app has extremely bad UI and UX. The first page the user sees is a whole page of terms and conditions which is quite striking and overwhelming for such an app which is about healthy lifestyle. Then after that the app will ask for permission for location access, where it is not very clear why this app need to know your location. In addition, the interface design such as the size and color of headers are not pretty and sometimes confusing. Also, the swipe motion in the bottom bar is not needed as some of the sections is not as significant and can be taken out, also it is not intuitive for the user to swipe the bottom bar. Secondly, the functionality of the app can be si
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week 3

In this week, I learned about how to do a good presentation and how to have good UI design. Firstly, the talk about presentation skill is very helpful, basically it help us get a clearer picture on how we should organize and execute our presentation to make more impact. The most valuable take-away is the use of speech, such as ask questions, use the word "imagine" and so on. these will help grab the audience's attention and make them really think about what you are talking about. Secondly, the UI talk is really helpful because we get to know what is really the most important thing in design: the user. Therefore it is worth to do a lot of user study to make our design more suitable for the users. In addition, this week I look more into facebook app development for our assignment 1. It is interesting to actually look into something that we are using every day. Looking forward to next week!

week 1 & week 2

During the first week, I have learnt about the structure of the course, and the most important value of this course -- self learning. I understand how important is self learning: it is necessary to be able to learn by oneself because there will not be someone who can always be there and guiding you. Especially in the industry, most of the time you are expected to learn by yourself instead of keep asking someone, which is also a waste of time of the one you are asking. By the lecture on Monday, I got a clearer picture what I am supposed to do in this course and I am more prepared mentally. During the second week, I learnt about software development skills, especially working flow. I learnt about scrum which is a fast way to develop web application. Also, I met my teammates for the first assignment and split the work. During this week, I spent a lot of time learning facebook app development and try to integrate those features to our web app. I learnt a lot in this week although it was

what I want to learn in cs3216

Firstly, I want to learn how to work with different people who have different skills and create something together. Secondly, I want to learn more about stuff in my focus area which is about interface design and database related knowledge. Last but not least, I want to learn how the real digital market works and how to deal with problems in real life situation.